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Bruno Rocha
Person on desktop writing code
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I gave a talk about scalable iOS apps at SwiftHeroes 2021 in which I speak about an app’s four “levels” of complexity, ending by stating that we still don’t know what the “fifth level” would be.

I do have one guess though: I believe a “level five” iOS app will…

Violin strings
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StaticString is an interesting type in Swift. It's essentially nothing more than a String that can't be modified for the purposes of referencing static content inside your binary.

You can encounter StaticString in Swift when referencing source metadata like #file and #function, but you can also define one yourself by…

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I’ve been playing around with Combine for a while now and had some trouble navigating all the new protocols and types, especially when it came to extensions. In this article, I’ll show you how to properly extend existing publishers and how to wrap them when creating your own custom publishers.

The Easy Case: Extending Basic Output Publishers

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When it comes to benchmarking the speed of code, it’s common for people to boot a playground, throw in a Date object, and calculate the time difference after a piece of code runs. That may give you a rough estimate, but it can also be very misleading. …

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Actors are a feature that is part of Swift’s Structured Concurrency, which brings a brand new format to write and deal with asynchronous code. Although what Swift brings is new to the language, it’s not new to tech itself. Many languages supported actors and async/await before Swift, but one interesting…

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RealityKit Object Capture is a feature introduced in Xcode 13 that allows you to create 3D objects from photographs using a process called photogrammetry. …

I’ve been meaning to write an article about computer science fundamentals and how it can improve a programmer’s career for a long time, but I always had trouble finding a good way of introducing this topic. The reason I’d like to talk about this is first that, well, I really…

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Concurrency is the entry point for the most complicated and bizarre bugs a programmer will ever experience. …

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The easiest way to create a paid macOS app is to simply put a price tag in the App Store, but it’s a common practice nowadays to provide a free download that can later be upgraded to a pro version. …

Bridge in the city
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Bridging to/from Objective-C is an important part of Swift development due to the Obj-C history of Apple’s platforms. Unfortunately, there are some hidden caveats that could lead to bizarre situations that would be impossible in a pure Swift environment. …

Bruno Rocha

iOS Developer at Spotify | Writer of | Twitter: @rockbruno_

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